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February 20, 2014 / Brandon

Hillside Grading Plans – B+W Blog

Hillside Grading Plans #CivilEngineer

Grading plans are checked by both the Structural Plan Check and the Grading Sections. Grading plans submitted together with building plans are reviewed by structural plan check engineers, unless substantial site grading for cut and fill are shown on plans. The Grading Section is responsible for reviewing grading only plans for: tract grading, mass grading, slope repairs, landslides and substantial cut and fill jobs in hillside areas. All grading plans are submitted to the Coordinating Section.

Plans shall be filed and approved by the Department before any permit is issued for the following:

Slope repairs
Landslide repairs or removal
Tract Grading
Mass Grading
Site preparation
Removal and re-compaction for building pads
Basement excavations for new buildings in Hillside area
Pool excavations for new pools in Hillside area
Retaining walls cuts, back-cuts and back-fill

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