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February 15, 2014 / Brandon

Largest Continuous Concrete Pour in History – B+W Blog

Largest Continuous Concrete Pour in History #CivilEngineer

We decided to go to Downtown Los Angeles and get a view of the staging for the largest continuous pour of concrete in history.

Thumbnails above for easy access to this project.

As more details came out about this project we realized that this would be a huge mess if we went down to the site while the trucks and concrete pouring was happening. Then the time was announced to start at 5pm on Saturday and we thought let’s just go down there before the process begins. We were right about that logic, as more streets were closed down then we thought.

So instead of taking the metro Goldline we decided to take a nice Saturday drive. I was surprised that it wasn’t too bad getting to the area with all of the streets closed. We parked at Ralph’s on 9th St., my old stomping grounds, and started to walk towards Figueroa. What a site. It’s been a while since I have walked around this area. We moved out of our South Park Loft about 2 years ago and loved that experience. And now look at all of the building going on!

We make our way to the corner of 7th St. and Fig and I started to feel very excited. I think Wilson was getting the same feeling too. Sort of like little kids in a candy shop.

There isn’t too much to talk about that hasn’t been so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

On the corner of 7th St. and Francisco St. we started to realize after asking countless workers around the site that we weren’t getting into any buildings to get better pictures. But I did spot a possible area we might get a better view from.

After reaching the Target parking lot we hit the button to the highest floor the elevator would allow. 12th floor here we come. Only to be greeted by security in a cart saying we can’t be up there. So we decided why not try going up the stairs and see what we can see. A ride down the elevator and back up the stairs and we got to the highest point with a window. After we snapped some pictures we got back on the elevator a few more flights down and ended up getting escorted back down the elevator to the sidewalk with a nice waive saying bye. At least we got an okay picture from above the excavated project site.

Since we already made the trip down here we decided to circle around and look one more time if we could get a better shot.

And this is what it started to feel like. We ran into another guy who asked if we had any luck. He was able to get into the Wedbush building but was told to leave earlier in the day. Not looking good, but at least there was a great feeling. A lot of people were walking around with their cameras. Whether people realize it, engineering is pretty exciting. Even it is to watch concrete cure.

You know we would figure out a way to get a picture from above. Engineers are a solving problem bunch of people. Maybe if someone is coming out of a parking lot we could go up to the top level. Believe it or not as we were about to head out just this happened. As we looked around I saw a door open behind the garage gate. As we went to the stairs we quickly made our way to the top. I couldn’t believe it, no one was up there already. I think we are probably the only people without special access to get a shot down on the site without glass windows in front of our lenses. Since we were told only God could access without special accommodations I guess we were Gods for a few quick seconds today. And that is good enough since we are already two big civil engineering nerds that love construction sites.

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