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February 12, 2014 / Brandon

Mount Washington Civil Engineer Grading Animation – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Mount Washington Civil Engineer Grading Animation #CivilEngineer

Today is the day to finish up these Mount Washington grading plans. I had a very good meeting today with the Civil Engineer plan checker at Redondo Beach, so I also decided to procrastinate and have some fun with these plans. Fun in Civil Engineering terms is different probably for those outside the field.

I brought the grading plan in to be elevated to start building the 3D model. I did a few different checks to make sure everything looked right before building the final model. First off the lines don’t always connect causing me to miss a few elevated lines. No problem as I can spin the view and see what was missed. Even the tightest drafting this still happens from time to time. Before I got the earthwork cut and fill numbers I wanted to see what this looked like against the existing topology.

The contours are hard to see except from an extreme angle. The grey area is the proposed 1:1 cut slope. The grey and red contours are the existing topo. If you look closely the daylight line overlaps both the proposed and existing, meaning this is right. Another check and that looks good. Next up is to run the numbers to make sure there is no fill as we can only cut this slope. 0 fill, and we have a winner.

As I played around with the file, I figured maybe this is a good chance to animate this. So I create a 3D line that steps from the ground elevation up about 10′ overhead. I set the camera on this line. For a focus point I created a line about 10′ above the ground and placed it behind the slope. The animated rendering helps see what is going on. These animations seem to come out better on pure slope grading. And once again I tried to turn this Civil Engineering project into a video game instead of work.

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