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January 8, 2014 / Brandon

Torrance Alley Plan Hand Drafting – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Torrance Alley Plan Hand Drafting #CivilEngineer

As the New Year rings in we move onto a set of Alley Plans we are finishing up in the City of Torrance. Torrance requires that we first submit alley plans revised over the original mylars by PDF or on bond paper. Then once those are approved we can move onto the original City of Torrance mylars for editing.

So we went through the process of creating the alley plans overlayed on top of the original city mylars. After a few rounds of plan checks the alley plans were approved. Now for the fun part, hand drafting on the original mylars. So first thing to do is drive down to the City of Torrance to check out the original mylars like we are at a library. And then its time to get to work. We very rarely hand draft anything so whenever we do this I find all my pens are dried out. No matter how hard I put that cap on, there is no ink when I need them. In comes the trusty sharpie that we seem to always have around. Thankfully this particular sharpie is a thin one, perfect to draft proposed lines and numbers with. But I still need to go pick up an even thinner pen for the existing linework. Not to mention I seem to always leave a scale or triangles at different clients or developers offices. So onto buying yet another set of triangles. I want first try to see if I can use separate 8.5×11 sheets underneath as a guide. As sometimes a mylar gets a little aged and a single large sheet underneath doesn’t completely line up with the mylar. But after carefully looking at these plans it looks like I can use the much easier to line up single sheet of bond underneath as the guide.

From the picture above you can see the lineup of single sheets works along with the sharpie doing its job. Though I really don’t like using a scale to draw a line. The triangles that art and drafting stores sell have an edge that allows the pen not to run under the triangle. This makes sure that I won’t leak extra ink onto the mylar which is a pain to clean up. Not to mention, too much erasing on a mylar starts to make the top mylar layer disappear and is very hard to get ink to stick, even after using pounce to redust the area. I was lucky to have taken drafting classes in High School along with working under someone who started out as a hand drafter. The one tool we are missing and I still eventually want to buy is a Leroy Machine. The Leroy is a lettering guide. But how often would we ever use this? I still have that trusty lettering guide, but its much slower than the Leroy when needed.

Once the drafting is completed we should be ready to finally have this alley built. I have to add, The City of Torrance Civil Engineers are one of the best City Civil Engineers to work with.

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