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December 21, 2013 / Brandon

That Didn’t Take Too Long – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

That Didn’t Take Too Long #CivilEngineer

I noticed the website and blog were starting to go blank at night. And randomly throughout the day the same thing was happening. Not to mention the loading times. The loading times were terrible during other times of the day. So what are we to do? We are now hosted on a much faster server.

Moving the site over took about half of the day as I ran into obstacles, since I have never done that before. But as you can see the website is back to functioning, and much smoother I might add. I also started to look at older pages that were created. Time to tune the website for better optimization. What else would I be doing on the weekend right before Christmas? I guess if I mess anything up, it won’t be so bad since I doubt anyone is looking for a Civil Engineer over the next couple of days. So with the server moved the pages load faster. But can I make the pages load even faster now? I can’t figure anything out just yet, but those older pages I was looking at are starting to look different. I tried to organize the site to make it less cluttered. As an example I took off a majority of the words, services and cities off of the main page. And then moved them over to their own pages. Now the links are located at So next on the list is making each of those pages look the same. Through the years I would add a page as we worked on a project so each page looks slightly different. The same thing is going on with the pictures. And everyone likes pictures right?

So next is setting up a new page under cities to see if I can make a new City link that I like, to create a template. So I created a Glendale page since we have a few current projects going on in the City. Including one project which was just approved and has the construction equipment onsite ready to break ground. I like the slideshow effect as it gives a quick glance at some sample plans. Not sure if I want to make the plans clickable in there though, as we already have plans that can be viewed closer under our Design Services page. The whole point of the site is to show we are continually working on projects. And I would like future and past clients to see our work.

So have I come up with a final solution? Not yet, but we are getting closer to having something that shows what I want, loads quickly and is optimized for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to scan through the site for indexing into the search engines. Even though we are trying to take a small break during the holidays, I can’t seem to stop working on something related to the company. That’s what happens when you want your Civil Engineering Company to keep succeeding.

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