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December 21, 2013 / Brandon

Now Time to Get Back To Civil Engineering, Glendale Church Project – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Now Time to Get Back To Civil Engineering, Glendale Church Project #CivilEngineer

This is a Civil Engineering project that I can’t wait to see finalized. Our grading plans were approved and the equipment is slowly rolling in, to break ground. These grading plans are for a new Church for Christian Life Church in Glendale, Montrose to be more exact.

This particular grading plan was a great project to work on. The end result should be very clean regarding the grading and drainage of the site. The goal was to capture all of the stormwater from the newly built areas and flow as much to a single outlet. From that point we will run the water across a vegetated swale for LID purposes and empty into a catch basin which then travels to the street storm drain system. The trick to this project was minimizing the area drains, catch basins and pipe lengths. Once that was figured out the rest of the site needed to be looked at.

The harder part of this Church Civil Engineering project wasn’t grading around the Church, but grading the driveway and parking lot areas. The goal was to keep the existing grades as similar as possible and effectively just repave the parking lot. The obstacle was that we were creating ADA compliant parking spots on the steep driveway. This took me the longest to design. We then had to go back and forth with the planchecker over the counter many times before we came up with a solution that everybody was happy with. The end result should keep most of the parking lot grades the same with a few minor adjustments. Let me say we are also tying in the newer designed piece of the parking lot into an existing parking lot which needs no changes at all. Keeping things ADA compliant is hard enough, but when tying into existing this becomes a whole other animal.

The stormwater from the parking lot will all travel down to the property line and flow into a trench drain which leads to a parkway drain and then exits to the street’s storm drain system. Even though we aren’t changing grades we will still be cleaning the stormwater as I think that helped us negotiate the amount of total stormwater the site needs to clean. To put it in simpler terms, this saves construction costs in other areas of the project. Besides safety this is a major design concern for Civil Engineering.

To get to the best part, the Church is ready to go full steam ahead on construction. And nothing makes a Civil Engineering Company happier than seeing the big kids toys arrive on site. I really can’t wait to see this project completed with people attending the Church. And then I really can’t wait to see the project in action during the next rain event!

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