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December 19, 2013 / Brandon

As We Wind the Year Down – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

As We Wind the Year Down #CivilEngineer

Its about that time of the year, and we are winding down. Everyone I have worked for has shut down during the Christmas break. As what will get done, as the Cities and Counties go on their break and nod out? Exactly, nothing.

But here we are posting blogs to keep our name, B+W Engineering and Design, out there. We are hungry. In fact I can say until I have a Casino with my name on it, I am starving. I am frothing at the mouth for more work. That probably paints an awful picture. But it should say where we are at. We wouldn’t be busy and we wouldn’t be toasting a great year and future year like this if we weren’t doing well. We are once again busy during December of all months. Shouldn’t our clients be focusing on hitting the slopes? Nah, Southern California weather has money in the air this year. Developers are out in full force. The housing market is on the up. And the general economy seems to be finally picking back up.

Where all of this new housing, whether apartments, condos, or houses, are going, that beats me. But they are going. Our built projects are fully functioning. People are living in them. Businesses are doing what they do. From this perspective, business in general is doing well. It sounds like I am trying to say how well things are going. They probably are from our view. I am very likely to say when and if it happens, some of our projects are built and are vacant. But I know for a fact none of our projects fall into that category. Maybe this is developers being smarter on their developments from the last go around? Most likely.

Santa? Could you give us a little break? No? I must have been bad. Or is that good? Wilson has been working some major hours finishing up structural projects. He hasn’t had a break. Elves can you help? You can’t because you aren’t Civil Engineers? You elves! (shaking my fist) I have had the phone ringing off the hook. Is this really December, the week right before Christmas? Maybe B+W has been good. New jobs coming in? B+W Engineering and Design has been good it seems. A little gift to me is that we will be upgrading our servers completely. So I can post more about Civil Engineering and we won’t have anymore lag, hiccups, or downtime.

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