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December 12, 2013 / Brandon

Maybe, Not Your Typical Civil Engineering Owner – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Maybe, Not Your Typical Civil Engineering Owner #CivilEngineer

I like to write on this blog when I get a chance. I try to write when I can on here. One thing that I have noticed is that I like to write about anything related to Civil Engineering. Most of the blogs have been about analyzing projects that we are working on. Lately I have been going a little more into the about myself mode. I really don’t see other Civil Engineering companies doing this. The owners are a mystery as far as I am concerned. Some of these owners are known in the circle and others aren’t. I am more for putting myself out there, as I will keep saying when you talk to me about this stuff you will know where my passion is. Besides cars. But lets not get off track yet.

Here I am checking any emails that I may have missed, way past normal business hours. Also I am looking through some of the Civil Engineering projects that are still not finished, wanting to hit myself over the head because they aren’t approved yet. I love music, and since the beginning of my Civil Engineering career, I have always listened to music while working. Whether I go into speaker mode and play something low or put my headphones on and blast the music, I like to listen to music. It’s almost like I can be in my own little world designing with no cares except making the design work in the allotted time. To give an overview of the style of music I listen to, I started with a rap mixtape by Fabolous in anticipation of his upcoming mixtape due on December 25. I love rap music in case you can’t tell. And then I switched over to James Blake. I can’t get enough of Digital Lion, the way the synthesizers go in and out is hypnotic. And now while I write this I am listening to David Bowie, Lady Grinning Soul. I called this particular playlist, Inspiration. The last song I heard during the ending credits of the movie about Diana Vreeland. As a nod to influences I really like to watch people make things and Project Runway is an interesting show of people doing just that, making things. Tim Gunn is a mentor on there that seems to hold a large influence over the fashion industry. And in an interview he said watch this movie about Diana Vreeland. I watched the movie in awe, and the ending credits had this David Bowie song. Instantly I was hit with something. Here was a woman who did things her own way during a time when women weren’t quite looked upon the same way as today. Awesome stuff.

I feel connected in that mentality that here I am an owner of a Civil Engineering firm in Los Angeles after five years and still going strong. Do people recognize me as the owner? Not always. Well the clients know as I am the one taking the phone calls and visiting the job site. But others I specifically work with don’t always know that. I do try to keep a lot of that to myself. But the point is that I am younger than the typical engineering owner, along with my partner Wilson. We don’t come across at know-it-alls, though that sometimes changes when the circumstances call for it. But how could I get from listening to rap music to Vreeland? Well one thing we have tried to do is have this company work on our own terms. I am generally looked at crazy as I will put in major hours to turn a project around. What we charge still makes sense, but the time we turn something around normally is insanely fast. I will also say what I feel. One thing about owning the company is that we need that future business. So I should be watching what I say, but I won’t. We still have our huge stake in the company, and I think that honesty in the long run will pay off.

This is probably why I am a bit more open on our very public blog. I am surprised by how many people contact us about different postings I have made. One day I will get Wilson to finally post something on here. He isn’t a made up person, he does exist. And there it is again, most Civil Engineers keep to themselves. I asked him does he mind me posting more opinionated blogs, or calling out things and he said no. But there has to be a reason more Civils aren’t posting their opinions or thoughts about anything. There really are very few blogs dealing with Civil Engineers. I like for people to get to know what we are about and where we are coming from. Things to let a client or fellow consultant know what makes us tick.

I am one of two owners of B+W Engineering and Design. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. I try to post on this blog as much as I can. Finding a topic to talk about isn’t that easy, and I don’t know if I want to start really commenting about general technology on here just yet. Though that would be the easy route to go, I guess. I will have more to say on this topic and some other topics I wrote about earlier, like my early Civil Engineering career. And why is it that once again we upgraded web servers and the site is slowing down? Almost like we should downgrade a few times and the server speed will quadruple! My Engineering technical writing professor would have a field day with this particular blog post.

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