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December 12, 2013 / Brandon

Los Angeles City Hillside Ordinance and Other Civil Engineering Items – B+W Engineering and…

Los Angeles City Hillside Ordinance and Other Civil Engineering Items #CivilEngineer

So here we are catching up with our Civil Engineering projects. B+W Engineering and Design is just about caught up until the next round of submittals.

One of the projects that I have mentioned that I am really excited about has hit a little setback. The original design done by a prominant Architect may no longer be valid. I sat down with the new Architect quickly to discuss the project and the problem is that the old design won’t meet the new Los Angeles Hillside Ordinance. Bummer. Well sort of. The original design was pretty amazing. The original architect is known for that type of work and is published in some of those Architect books people may see on coffee tables. As the project was in limbo as some background things needed to be taken care of the new ordinance happened. So what are we to do? Scaling the project back somewhat to try to hit the ordinance on the dot is what we will do. Thankfully the Architect that is coming on board knows his stuff. Another shout outs to Kazanchyan Design, Armen is busy for a reason. And it looks like we are about to work on a lot more projects together in the future. The big question is how can we stay under the earthwork 1000 c.u. limit per property? This is going to take some back and forth between us. We have the software to quickly check earthwork numbers, and he will have that final design in his head while we run the scenarios. This is never easy. But this is why the client hired us. If the Civil Engineering can be done, we will figure it out. I have worked on enough nearly impossible projects in the past with our company and past companies, to be able to come up with something if the project is possible.

Another project is about to go back out for what I hope is the final submittal. This one involves Caltrans. Once again the goal was to figure out a way to touch as little as possible regarding the Caltrans State Highway and we finally figured out how to accomplish just that. This took me some time to redesign, but the end result should save a lot of money in construction costs and get around some other issues we were having. Don’t read this plan checker, but I now see that our hydrology should purely be based on the survey and nothing else. And I will leave it at that, and the revised report will reflect exactly that. Its a win win for everyone in the end.

I will probably be excited if I go out to another project next week and see it break ground. I think they have to at this point. But I won’t believe it until I see someone with at least a shovel digging a hole. In fact I think I want to be out there the day they are saying the ground will be broken. The end result is going to be very nice. This particular architect has come up with a pretty nice plan and is hard to picture in real life. Especially since the site has a couple of temporary trailers on it and the main building is going on a large piece of grass.

I try to post pictures when I can, but something is going funny with trying to convert PDF’s to an image file. And I have nothing interesting to show otherwise from any of our cameras. Though we did get a nice new wide angle lens to take pictures of the overall projects as they get built. And I am very excited to go out and take some high quality pictures of the entire site, instead of using my normal camera phone or one of the other cameras that I have handy.

As the year is coming to a fast end, we are still here. We are not going anywhere. I know we got majorly backlogged over the last few months which wasn’t good for anyone, mainly us. Since we did still hit just about everyones’ deadlines. In the future we are trying to say that we can’t hit the unrealistic deadlines anymore. I saw the light and realized its just not worth taking on projects that want us to turn around something overnight. I am positive that no one else can do that, but we will still deliver faster than anyone else. We are a hungry young company afterall. And I, myself, am not old enough to say no. I just realize I sometimes should say no or I am going to get a full head of grey hair much too fast.

On the ending note, I know next time someone says to trim a slope, that means only cut that slope no matter where the daylight line, or limits of grading, goes. For a future client this is important where that line is in relation to your building because there is nothing we can do about it. So goes the way of the Civil Engineer.

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