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December 7, 2013 / Brandon

Now Getting Back to Civil Engineering and the Design Part – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Now Getting Back to Civil Engineering and the Design Part #CivilEngineer

We are about to start a couple of new projects. I am very excited about projects two specifically. One is in Santa Clarita for a rental car company that is about to expand more than I realized based off of past proposals. Thank you Armen, for bringing us on board as it seems like you are taking over everything car related in Southern California. How cool is that said me the Civil Engineer to myself the Car enthusiast? Did I mention he was our connection to Ferrari on a past job? Great stuff. The other project is coming back out of limbo and going full force. I took some pictures but realized we should keep this more private until it gets built and is in all the major Architecture magazines. I do have a good feeling if this owner allows it, that will happen, the project will be that good. For us this will be a great stepping stone.

So the Santa Clarita project is more or less some undeveloped land that needs a business on it. Simple sort of. The idea is that eventually maybe, and it seems more like a maybe, that a road will cut right through the property. What in the world? So we have to design this site to accept either lot configuration. Either you can enter from the main road, Magic Mountain Parkway or a possible future road. The trick to this job is that the elevations don’t quite work. That’s the big challenge. How do we make the property work for an either, or, situation. Anyone reading this blog knows we are up for a good challenge, or two, or many at once. And I think this will be interesting to work the kinks out. The great thing is that this Architect is good. Really good. The type of good that you should email if you are looking for an Architect. And yes we have a short list of who we refer out depending on the area. Enough with the gushing over this. I can’t wait to go over this with Armen and get the ball rolling.

Then we have what is going to be my favorite project ever. So favorite that this project is probably not even feasible. But we take a client who actually knows what they are getting themselves into and we are onto the right start. The challenge on this particular job is the Civil Engineering portion. This is a hillside. This is a mountain. This is an area where someone looks at the site and says what the f*** are you guys thinking. Impossible! Believe it or not I was able to make a road work to get the grading to make sense. So much in fact that this project is coming out of limbo after the owner went through his motions to show this can actually be built. The best part is that this project will be similar to the Getty Center. Sort of hidden, but just enough peaking out to see. This is a very cool project to be a part of. And once its built, I think this will be a well known residential project in the greater Los Angeles area if not further out. The best part is that we have preliminary grading plans to make this work on paper. Working these things out on paper means it is possible. Our criteria was a young hungry company willing to go the distance. I am exaggerating, but the client knows it will take a certain type of team to make the dream come true. B+W Engineering and Design should make the impossible a reality. That’s what I would expect in a Civil Engineering firm. And if it is sort of possible, we are going to make the project possible.

Those are a couple of newer projects that we are looking at with an assortment of others that are ongoing. I don’t talk about most as they are pretty dry even to me. I try to keep things to myself in a small circle but I love Civil Engineering too much to keep it all to myself. I know there are others out there that really pay attention to the Architecture side of things. In fact I have sat down with one of the bigger influential around LA, people, Brigham Yen, and love to entice him about this stuff. We still need to get coffee again and talk shop if you are reading this. I hate that Civil Engineers get no notoriety whatsoever yet play such a big part in what goes on with a project. Civil Engineers sculpt land like pure art.

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