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December 7, 2013 / Brandon

A Parkway Drain said a Civil Engineer to Another – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

A Parkway Drain said a Civil Engineer to Another #CivilEngineer

A parkway drain. A parkway drain! We find ourselves in this really weird dilemma regarding a damn parkway drain! Parkway drain you haven’t seen the last of B+W Engineering and Design!

In case you missed it, this parkway drain phenomena is catching me really off guard the last month. We have ******* City saying use a parkway drain. We have Glendale City saying use a parkway drain. But why? We have the same standard being called APWA or SPPWC and both details being called 151-2. Fine parkway drain it is. But again I ask why mister or misses Civil Engineer?

I take in everything from my past, old school, Civil Engineer mentors, and haven’t seen these discrepancy in designs before. Specifically how we can manipulate the standards based on the City. Typically we design the outlet for the stormwater to finally hit a catch basin that goes through either a circle or rectangular pipe under the sidewalk and through the curb face, eventually leading into the street which goes to the storm drain. Simple enough right? Wrong. A couple of plan checkers are forcing us to use parkway drains. For what reason, I still don’t know. Now onto the strange part. One city seems okay with us calling out the parkway drain which is a catch basin and using rectangular pipes. And the other City is forcing us to use the actual complete parkway drain design.

I feel like pulling my newly formed grey hairs out with this. To put this really simple, the contractor can install a catch basin, and outlet that basin using a circle or rectangular pipe and outlet through the curb face. But now we have to abide by the parkway drain spec. That’s fine. No big deal. But it makes more sense in my mind to use a generic catch basin box and an already formed pipe. Not to mention every contractor knows how to core out under the sidewalk. These drains seem more like pour a new catch basin, rip up the sidewalk and create the parkway drain.

Where this is really odd, is that in the one City that says do the design just like the spec, that makes sense. No problem. At least Glendale City is very clear on what they want. We designed the outlet to handle the water. Project is now approved for those wondering. But the other city that lets us do a mishmash, that doesn’t make any sense. And I think we are about to get some type of weird plan correction about this. Even though I spoke to the plan checker over the phone before we submitted what would be okay to do. I am positive that installing a catch basin and coring out under the sidewalk for a rectangular pipe is the cheaper method. But I will say that word I don’t want to say, I digress.

I have been working on these types of plans and haven’t seen this before in over 12 years of working on these types of plans. I almost feel like this is a milestone, my cherry is being popped, my tie is being cut, whatever else says welcome to the club of Civil Engineers. This is that point where we try to save a few thousand dollars in construction costs and are shot down even after speaking about this on the phone and agree on something different. Once again I thank Glendale City for being clear and precise, the other City not so much. The difference on these two jobs. Wait for it. No, wait for it really. The project causing a problem is a residential site that is being treated like a commercial site. I hate and I mean loathe that a residential site is being treated like a commercial site. Parkway Drain you are my new arch nemesis and I made a new spreadsheet on my phone to calculate you away.

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