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November 19, 2013 / Brandon

Where We are Headed into the New Year – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Where We are Headed into the New Year #CivilEngineer

I am trying very hard to keep the blog up to date and like I have been saying lately, there hasn’t been much time as we are still chugging along with our Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering work.

I have been put into some strange place where I burn the coffee into the late night, wake up a few hours later and drink some more burned coffee. As you can see I am here writing this at 2AM, and then will be waking up around 6AM to start all over. I got into this terrible habit working at a past job. Not really terrible as I got to work on some really cool jobs and learned a lot in the process. In fact I owe most of my hillside grading skills to that company. What I also learned running our current company is that I love my job. I have had recruiters trying to bring me in left and right. And yet here we are. I doubt we are going anywhere but up.

So why the positive outlook? Besides me still awake, working, catching up, going over what needs to be done? Well we are slowly but surely making a good name for B+W Engineering and Design. In turn we are getting some very awesome clients. The repeat business is where we thrive. And that repeat business also means a few different consultants can see the value in hiring us. No, this isn’t us patting ourselves on the back. The sentence(s) is(are) more about me being excited for some upcoming projects we are about to work on. My love for this industry along with seeing the creations that are built and used, is good enough for me. So yes we treat these jobs like an Architect, just no one has ever heard of us. I can walk onto a site and no one knows we designed what they are building. Even as I show my business card next to our plans they are holding, But that doesn’t phase me one bit.

After all is said and done, our projects work and are buildable, which is probably why I stress myself out so much until a grading plan is approved. So we come up to a few jobs. No pictures for this post. No time to walk the sites and take updated pictures this week. But our project in Glendale is getting to the final stages. There is always some type of monkey being thrown into the gears with a huge wrench. And this job is having many monkeys going for broke. Not much else to say, but the team is working the kinks out as fast as we can. I can’t wait until this one gets the permit and starts building asap.

So I am taking calls and emails throughout the day on that job, and get another call about another project that we are designing. Hillside grading in Mount Washington is an interesting venture. This job has a requirement based off of a generic template from a now out of business soils engineer. You know something may be off, with how I worded that. The frontage of the property needs a 1:1 minimum slope to daylight to get the final approval even though the grading permit has been issued. Confused? So is everyone involved on this project with how backwards plans were approved. I got the slope graded and the plan is just so elegant. Clean, smooth contours, I could go on and on, but will stop.

As I am in the middle of this project another client calls and asks about their resubmittal. This project is a bit easier, but the City we are dealing with has been vague over the last few months with what they want. I redesigned some issues and added more details, and that set of plans is ready to go. Moving a driveway which this plan called for, isn’t the easiest thing to do when on a time crunch. But all of our projects are on a time crunch. Our clients want them yesterday!

And yet I am working on some other projects all while this is happening. Believe it or not, we can handle more work. We aren’t doing are usual turn around times for the month of November though. But once we get a few more projects wrapped up, we are ready to go again for December. And December of all months will be great. Probably better with wrapping jobs up and getting the permits. But also with bringing in some very cool new jobs.

So where does that leave us for the New Year? We still even have some other great jobs starting up in the following months. If anyone wants to keep track of an up and coming Civil Engineering firm in the Los Angeles area, I invite you to read our blog. Believe it or not I do not talk about all of our work. I also do not have the time to analyze everything, like I really like to do on here. I think we are coming to grips with being busy enough to bring some more people on board. If that isn’t a good sign I don’t know what is. I thought some good things would be coming to B+W Engineering and I wasn’t let down this past year. I have a feeling we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor pan out for this Civil Engineering firm.

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