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November 12, 2013 / Brandon

Slammed with Civil Engineering Work – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Slammed with Civil Engineering Work #CivilEngineer

Yes we are being slammed with Civil Engineering work over the last few months. No one is complaining though.

You heard that right. Whether we are bringing on new work or past work that we had bid on, we are being slammed with new Civil Engineering projects. I realize prospective clients read our blog to see what we are up to. I am pretty open about what is going on, and the phone has been ringing off of the hook. The current housing environment is a bit different from a few years ago. There are developers that know this is a great time to build. There are other developers who are trying to get their past projects built. And there are others who want both. And since the market has been appreciating this is the time to get moving.

So why do I bring this up today? We have been swamped. We have been slammed. We have been working 7 days a week for months. I figured, okay I haven’t paid too much attention to the website like I normally do. Watching the website stats roll by, maybe we will get a little breath in here. So I wake up to my phone ringing before 8AM on Veterans Day. I also tried to stop checking my email over the weekend as well. None of this seems to matter. I had emails, voicemails, basically every possible way to contact us, happened over the Holiday weekend. What is a Boutique Civil Engineer company to do?

This is starting to remind me of the boom days when the huge companies stopped picking up their phones. Yes, some of those larger Civil Engineering firms stopped picking up their phones for months at a time back around 2005. Most of us in the industry know what was/is going on. Building has picked up to something spectacular. Whether all of these projects will finally pan out is another topic. When someone calls me I try to give them my view on what’s going on. When the real estate market is hot or cold I will still say the same thing. Do your due diligence. It may or may not matter how the market is headed. A lot of our projects that we work on, they do not matter what’s going on in the current market. Some projects are small business owners who want to create a beautiful house to live in. Some clients are bringing up past projects that pencil out in the current environment. Some other clients are building based on what is going on with high prices. One thing I will stress until the cows come home. Cheap buildable lots in Los Angeles County are gone.

Unless you have inside knowledge of a property, that cheap buildable lot is most likely going to be gone. Why are we so open about talking about this? Because some developers, still, can pencil out the profits of these lots out. This is not for the faint of heart, though. We are a Civil Engineering firm working in the Los Angeles County Area. Maybe we can try to talk out those who don’t do their due diligence from walking into this. And here we are swamped with work. We have some amazing mansions, apartment complexes, restaurants, etc. built who do well.

We turn away a lot more Civil Engineering work than we should. But at the same time, wouldn’t you prefer to take on a company who will tell you like it is? I generally like to analyze our projects when I have some free time, as every single project we have worked on has been successful. We can be slammed with work and we will still give a realistic deadline of when we can submit work, about to the day, give or take plus or minus a day, depending on what we have been given. I can be pretty easily reached, email is best, and we will keep your goals and objectives real.

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