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November 4, 2013 / Brandon

Redondo Beach Grading Plan Plan Check – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Redondo Beach Grading Plan Plan Check #CivilEngineer

There is a new plan checker at Redondo Beach and we are anxiously anticipating getting our grading plan check corrections back.

First of all codes and regulations from City to City change pretty frequently. From another project we are working on we already know some of the points that the Redondo Beach City Engineer will throw our way. So that won’t be a surprise. Other than those code changes this plan is once again designed elegantly and makes the proposed site drain better than what is existing. The developer and Architect didn’t have too much to say about the design, other than the front porch steps will step up. The original siteplan showed in profile elevation view that there would be steps, but the Architect’s plan view showed no step up. After we figured that out the grading plan design evolved.

Grading from the existing street to the back of the lot was straightforward enough. Attempt to keep similar grades to reduce cutting or filling the lot and keep the proposed as close as possible to the existing topography. For this project the tricky part was making sure that the garages along with that front step walk up would tie into the proposed driveway nicely. And from there that the driveway would be easily driveable to each of the two proposed units on the lot. We were able to work this out to make a nice driveable area that stayed as flat as possible. The idea is then to take the water into a catch basin at the end of the driveway to a pump. Each yard area will also sheet flow to a series of catch basins which will then gravity flow to a pump. So onto the pump.

The pump is designed with Los Angeles City Standards in mind. This is typical for a grading plan. But as we found out on the last Redondo Beach job, the City wants us to design for Los Angeles County Standards. The difference is that LA County Standards are a bit more strict with a larger safety factor. This makes sense for sites that can flood during a heavy 50-year storm, but not so much for properties that will not flood. Either way a larger capacity pump system is going to be better as we have had many large storms over the last few years. Another difference is that the LA County requirements specify that the duplex pumps also outlet on their own separate systems. So each pump will have a separate outlet pipe. Going strictly with LA County codes they want the pumps to operate together instead of separately. But it turns out that the cost of a custom control panel to do this is very expensive. So the intended design will be to go with LA County Standards with duplex pumps with each pump being able to handle the 50-year storm. And each pump having a separate outlet.

At the end of the day a safer pump system is better for everyone. No one wants to see their property flood. Especially us. There is no point in designing a grading plan only to have the low point of the property flood because the pumps aren’t big enough. For those who say it doesn’t rain very often in Southern California, that is true. But when it rains, it pours, and over the last few years we are seeing major storm events in the Los Angeles area come in yearly, which is abnormal. With these minor changes this Grading Plan in Redondo Beach should get approved on the second submitall. Looks like we are at the end of getting projects approved in one try, as cities become even more strict and bring new codes along with the plan checks. We still know that B+W Engineering and Design is turning around grading plans faster than anyone else, as those who continue to develop continue to use us for our Civil Engineering services.

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