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November 3, 2013 / Brandon

Torrance Alley Plan after Grading has Commenced – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

Torrance Alley Plan after Grading has Commenced #CivilEngineer

We come to another project that we are working on that involved a grading plan and an Alley Plan in the City of Torrance.

The grading plan was pretty straight forward as we were regrading a lot that had one of the structures incur fire damage. The original grading plan was approved on our first go around. But we also have to produce plans for an Alley. As the codes and rules change pretty frequently I always have to ask the City what do we need in order to get our plans approved. They wanted much more information than the original survey showed. So we had Denn Engineers survey the existing alley and related properties. I can’t say this enough, the initial survey is very important for the final design and Denn Engineers never disappoints. I am biased as I worked there for a few years after graduating and I know that they have been around for over 50 years for a good reason.

As Denn Engineers finalized their survey, we got to work on this particular Alley Plan in the City of Torrance. The grading has already been done on the property so now we are here to design the proposed swale that runs down the alley, while also adjusting grades to make sure the stormwater flows into the proposed swale. The design is pretty straightforward. We will connect the proposed grades into the existing grades and make sure that we keep the max grade at 5% for any cross slopes. Working on alley plans in Torrance is a little different from other cities. Once the design has been approved we have to check out the original mylar plans, if any, and draft with ink on the original mylars. This particular plan poses a little problem as the survey is setup on an existing manhole which is the same elevation as the original alley plans. But going down the block the elevations change. This is most likely related to the existing alley surface settling in. I am hoping that we can replace the original mylar with our design as the survey is more up to date and is tied into an existing point from the original mylar. We will see.

The profile shows that we can tie into the existing without too much change to the existing Alley grading. I have been mostly posting analysis of grading plans as I think grading a hillside is much more sexy than grading flat existing land. At the end of the day sometimes we need to revise streets to link up to the beautiful manipulated land. In this case the grading plan was for a flat lot. Flat lots are a but more difficult to grade as the grades lessen the option available to us, and constrict what we can do. At the end of the day we only need buildable plans, and once again here is a buildable alley plan, which ties into a grading plan, designed by B+W, that has been built.

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