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November 3, 2013 / Brandon

And We Have a Grading Plan in Echo Park – B+W Engineering and Design Blog

And We Have a Grading Plan in Echo Park #CivilEngineer

We have been slammed with Civil Engineering work recently. But we still continue to produce new plans for given deadlines, along with this Grading Plan in Echo Park.

This particular grading plan in Echo Park was a bit more tricky than normal. Not so much as the hillside is difficult to develop, which the hillside is, but more along the lines of making the proposed house work out to the current Los Angeles Civil Engineering Hillside City Standards. Most of the lots we are producing grading plans for are tricky, as these are the last of the buildable lots in the County. We haven’t met a property that we couldn’t make work, one way or another. And once this property is developed, that is proof that we can manipulate any parcel of land.

The existing property like I mentioned before in another post,, has an existing building and parking area. The owner wants to fix the existing parking area, and add a new lower parking garage along with a new house. This is where the complications starts. We are constrained with only being able to add two 10′ maximum retaining walls. As the first revision between B+W and the Architect occurred we came to the conclusion that the lower parking garage would become enclosed. The lower garage become a structure means we have one less retaining wall to deal with. So now things get more interesting.

We came up with a few solutions to the problem and ended up going with the lower garage wall holding up the existing dirt with a 1′ wide swale. From there we will build a 6′ high maximum retaining wall with a 1′ wide swale behind the retaining wall. From that wall we will grade a 2:1 slope to a a planter box. The planter box works as the LID device, which we now have to follow for small residential development. LID means we have to try to retain and/or clean water from any new impervious areas, mainly roof stormwater runoff. The water from the flat graded area around the house will mostly be directed to the planter box. From there we have a given backyard setback to place our second 10′ max retaining wall with a 1′ wide swale above. After a few revisions with the Architect, B+W Engineering and Design came up with the current grading plan.

The grading plan is still elegant and is buildable. Something we strive for because, if a design is not buildable on paper, that design is going nowhere in real life. There will be plenty more grading plans to analyze, but with B+W being slammed with work over the last few months, the website updates will be taking a backseat to the real work at hand. At the end of the day we still hit every single deadline our clients are asking for, and that’s exactly why we put our client list for anyone to see. Just because we are busy doesn’t mean we aren’t taking on new work, as we are still managing deadlines just fine.

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