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October 29, 2013 / Brandon

Glendale Civil Engineer Grading Plan – B+W Engineering Blog

Glendale Civil Engineer Grading Plans #CivilEngineer

We are in the final round of getting the Church grading plans approved by the City of Glendale. The City Civil Engineer has been very accommodating to getting this project approved.

The two issues that needed to be addressed are in the final stretch of being worked out. The first issue is that there is an existing ADA ramp along Ramsdell, a steep street. The problem with adjusting the ramp’s grade to comply with current standards is that the grade will never catch the existing street from a new ADA ramp. A ramp is normally flat, 2% slope at the back after the rise from the street grade. The City of Glendale has made us go through a few rounds of designs to prove that adjusting the ADA ramp grades is unfeasible. One more design should prove this with all of the different iterations not being able to work out. Moving the ramp is not going to happen as there is a traffic light, power pole, storm drain catch basin and junction boxes all in the way. The cost to move the ramp would be ridiculous and wouldn’t make anything better. The crosswalk would no longer work.

The second issue is a bit more tricky. This involves an LA County storm drain catch basin. This project has a deadline when they must start to build. Touching the storm drain in any way means we have to get a permit through the County which can take forever. But we still need to convert the driveway approach into a proper sidewalk with a concrete curb and gutter. We came up with a few different solutions and the one that stuck with the City Civil Engineer was creating an almost mirror image of the radius. Meaning we bring a new sidewalk in and create a tapered radius staying away from the County storm drain. To influence pedestrians to not go near this and trip and fall in the street, this section of the sidewalk will have landscaping against the street instead of against the right of way or property line. The final outcome might look a bit odd, but it works and is a great solution to the scheduling requirements.

The grading plan gives a much better idea of what’s going to happen on this portion of the sidewalk. The City Civil Engineer also wants us to redirect pedestrians on other portions along the property line to steer them towards the flat sidewalk areas. This allows the pedestrians to always be on level ground and not have to walk on the two existing driveway aprons. The Architect will lose a small chunk of their landscaping outside of the property, but the final result will be much better for pedestrian traffic.

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