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October 1, 2013 / Brandon

NoHo Arts District Civil Engineering Project Underway | B+W Engineering

NoHo Arts District Civil Engineering Project Underway #CivilEngineer

I went to the developers office,Chandler Pratt, today to discuss a Civil Engineering project that we are working on in Glendale.

To my surprise the developer said they have already started construction on another project that we did the Civil Engineering for. This project currently being built is 400+ Apartment units with a bank branch and retail on the bottom floor. After the meeting I had to head out to the job site down the street. I love seeing our projects under construction, especially the ones with big holes being dug out. The excavation on this lot has a portion that goes 2 floors down for underground parking. Needless to say after designing the excavation plans, I become even more happy to see the plans in action.

After finding parking I was really excited to take some pictures and a short video clip of the progress. The construction manager is an old school guy. He told me I should go tell them I want to use his cart and have a short drive around the construction. I didn’t have enough time for the tour today, but walking around the edges of where the excavation took place is good enough for me. Looking closer the slopes have been cut at the max height 1:1 almost everywhere we called them out on the plans. Right up to the forms for the walls. As well as the driveway ramps were about right on too. I wasn’t too sure how they would end up how they would finally build the route to get to the bottom and work their way back up, but I was pretty close to the actual construction.

We do a lot of different types of Civil Engineering Plans. The majority of our work is custom single family residential. But we do have these larger projects from time to time. And since they are so big and take longer to build, I can usually catch the construction process even though we are swamped with work. I will try to follow the progress more closely as this is going to be a very nice project in an up and coming area, NoHo Arts District, once completed.

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