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September 27, 2013 / Brandon

Santa Anita Golf Course Maintenance Yard Civil Engineer Grading

Santa Anita Golf Course Maintenance Yard Civil Engineer Grading #CivilEngineer

We move onto another Civil Engineer job that we started a few weeks ago. For B+W Engineering and Design, this project involves the structural engineering and civil engineering for the maintenance yard at the Santa Anita Golf Course maintenance yard in Arcadia.

The great thing about this job is that we were bidding with some of the big name Civil Engineers in the Los Angeles area. Not only that, but we are once again working with one of my favorite Architects to work with, Victor Corona at VMC Architects. Our last job we worked on together was smooth sailing, and that mansion overlooking Palos Verdes was not a simple project.

The first thing that I noticed while walking the jobsite was how flat the parking lot is. The drainage works, but the maintenance yard wants to redirect flows while following LID requirements and outletting the storm water to a new location. This is the tricky part. How do we repave an almost flat lot that has entrances for cars or golf carts on all sides of the property? These entrances are all at different elevations. And we also have existing buildings to throw into the mix.

A large portion of the site drains to this swale. Not much we can change here as we can’t drop the elevations because the entrances won’t work anymore. We can’t really adjust this too much as the drainage pattern and driveability to the existing building still needs to work.

The repaving will also add two more storage bins with a new roof along all of the existing storage bins. This new roof will also have downspouts that we need to connect to our drainage pipe system. So now we are also bringing pipes all around the site and connecting into more existing structures. I was racking my brain for a few hours before I figured out a good way to take the design.

There are also some storage containers and other misc. items that are either staying or going.

And the best part that I came up with was removing the existing catch basin that a large portion of the parking lot drains to, extending the curb and putting a new catch basin that should collect the entire site better based on the new position. This also allows us to bring a pipe around the extents of the property to pick up all of the new proposed area drains, trench drains, and catch basins.

In the end the preliminary grading plans turned out pretty clean for such a large lot. And since we are only adjusting a portion of the parking lot’s grades, we shouldn’t get hit with a SWPPP. The other idea was trying to keep as much of the existing elevation intact because of the way the site is already graded. But with little changes some storm water has to be captured to different areas of the property. I got this barely working, and it looks like the client is okay with our plans to go further with the Civil Engineer portion of the design, specifically the grading plans. Next up will be detailing the structural engineering portion once the Soils Engineer finishes up their reports.

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