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September 24, 2013 / Brandon

El Segundo Grading Plan to Repave a Commercial Property

#CivilEngineer El Segundo Grading Plan to Repave a Commercial Property

I recently went to a new job site in El Segundo to discuss how we were going to design the Civil Engineer plans to regrade out a loading dock to make way for more parking stalls.

The site is a commercial lot with two loading docks. The drainage pattern flows away from the building to an existing swale that travels to a catch basin on the front of the property which then flows into the street. So the idea of this project is to touch as little as possible. What is a Civil Engineer to do?

What ended up not getting picked up on the survey was this ridge that goes up towards the building and back down. The pathway to the entrance on the right hand side differs from the left hand side. That threw me as the original survey does not pick up this important information. So now we have to figure out how to get as much drainage away from the building and get rid of this ridge. Is it possible?

My ideas is to try to level this area out. Cut down the ridge and bring the loading dock entrance flush to the existing parking stalls on the right. There is a slight elevation change on both sides creating this short wall.

The next hurdle is making the water not flow towards the door. The ridge goes up the pathway right about to the overhang in front of the door. I don’t like this design as it encourages water to travel towards the building and the area drain can easily be clogged. Also since we are filling in the right hand side loading dock the path to the doorway and loading area need to be flush with the rest of the parking lot. Not an easy fix.

There is an existing pump at the bottom portion of the loading dock to catch the stormwater. This also works to catch the area drain from above as you can see the pipe sticking out of the wall. We will need to raise the pump pit to be flush with the new filled in parking area. And my goal is to make less stormwater travel into the pump. This is where the Civil Engineering starts to get tricky.

This is a better shot that shows the ridge. And also this picture shows that the left hand side will need to be cut to bring the whole parking lot flush together.

I was ready to get working on this until I started taking a much closer look at the survey once I got back into the office. The original survey has very few spot elevations if any on this side of the property. Its so limited that only the linework shows where the existing swale is where half of the lots drainage pattern flows to. So next up is getting a more exact survey in the area that needs to be regraded to make this all work. From the unsuspecting eye this looks like a slam dunk project to grade. But after walking the site and taking a much closer look at what needs to be done. The Civil Engineering involved to cut construction costs down as much as we can along with trying to make the site drain better, is going to be a challenging job.

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