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September 20, 2013 / Brandon

Hard to time the Season

Hard to time the Season

I always think that certain times of the year for a Civil Engineer are slow. And then, like bam, those times are not as slow as I thought.

We are finishing up our backlog and bringing on some new Civil Engineering jobs. One thing that we continue to do is to still hit our deadlines. And here I am posting at an ungodly hour taking a much needed break. The majority of our projects are waiting for survey information or more detailed drawing files. Just about everything that can be submitted has been. And that last project that is waiting to be submitted, I wanted to make sure I approach the plan checker nice and early on Monday to get approval over the counter. There is a plan to the way we try to submit or get projects approved.

I am excited to post some more Civil Engineering blogs in the upcoming days on what we have been working on, and what we are about to start working on, as to the casual observer these particular plans are slam dunk easy, no nonsense, lets get this thing approved NOW. But, there is always a but with these projects, some mysterious little item needs more information or needs some serious crunching of numbers. To keep this post simple, I am looking at the project at the Santa Anita Golf Course as a serious number cruncher. And another project that is repaving a portion of the parking lot for a large commercial space, that I just don’t want to use that existing pump if possible.

I wanted to keep the site up to date and whoever is reading this can tell, we have been swamped. So the website takes the far back seat as we make sure our clients’ needs are being met. Until then, we are still here, making sure our clients are priority #1. And as something nice, Wilson and I agreed to revamp the website while all of this is taking place! Exciting stuff as we grow the company. I like to keep the site current so our clients or whoever else is viewing the website feels like there is an actual human being behind the curtains. Another factor on who you should hire for your Civil Engineering needs. And that is similar to what we will continue to do. We are pretty easy to get ahold of, give us a ring. If I am on the other line leave a message or email me. What other Civil Engineering company is easy to get ahold of? Take a look at some of our past projects to know that’s not all that B+W Engineering is good at doing.

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