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August 26, 2013 / Brandon

Grading Plans for a New Church in Glendale

Grading Plans for a New Church in Glendale

We are starting up on a new set of grading plans for a Church in the Montrose area of Glendale.

This particular set of grading plans is tricky as we are trying to tie the entire site into the existing topography. There are a few issues in doing this. One is that the existing parking lot doesn’t conform to any current standards. To regrade the parking lot to current standards it would be very expensive. So we are left with a parking lot that has an existing 8-10% grade from one entrance to the top of the lot which then smooths out and is flat to the other entrance. Besides that a normal parking spot is not supposed to slope greater than 5%, we also have the issues of adding two ADA spots with a pathway into the fenced in area. An ADA area is not supposed to crossslope in any direction greater than 2%. Talk about a challenge on an already steep grade. Not to mention this ADA area is in the middle of the total incline. Very difficult already.

The next challenge that needs a solution is making a corner entrance work to get to the Finished Floor of the building while still being ADA accessible. That is going to tie into the upper elevations so the entire site that is on a hillside will be accessible all around for ADA. I have had to go back and forth with the Architect to come up with a way to get this to all work. This will be challenging, I have no doubt.

The last two items are the biggest hurdle to overcome. One being that there was a driveway that now just dead ends into a wall on the right of way or sidewalk. This needs to be replace by a new sidewalk. Only that the driveway has an existing storm drain catch basin cut into the driveway apron that is on the County side of the property. The idea is that we can replace the sidewalk and cover about 4″ of the catch basin, without having to further touch this part of the street. The cost would be ridiculous and seems very over the top if we have to do anything more with this storm drain catch basin. The other item is an ADA ramp for the crosswalk. The street connection on the side street is steep while the main cross street is flat. So what happens? You get a crosswalk ramp that is steep on the upper side. I don’t see how this can be moved to adhere to ADA standards. So that is the other challenge. We need to convince the engineering department possibly at both the City of Glendale and Los Angeles County that this doesn’t make any sense to move or change.

Last but not least we have a new driveway entrance for the property. In keeping with making everything ADA accessible the grading plans must show a path along the right of way with a maximum 2% cross slope. This further cuts into the already steep driveway. I haven’t even gotten into how we are going to drain the site to meet the new more stringent LID (Low Impact Design) requirements. Meeting LID will be simple compared to making all of the ADA paths work.

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