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August 25, 2013 / Brandon

Spring Street Park in Downtown is Pretty Nice

Spring Street Park in Downtown is Pretty Nice

I decided to take the Metro Gold Line from the Pasadena Del Mar Gold Line Station with another friend and explore Downtown Los Angeles on a lazy Sunday afternoon. After living off of Flower Street across from Staples Center for a year it was interesting to come back to the old stomping grounds without a car.

We begin the trip by grabbing a beer at a nearby pub in Old Town Pasadena and take in the beautiful day. We then walk to the Gold Line Station on Del Mar. I think buying a TAP card is a big confusing at first as there seem to be a lot of options on what we can buy. But we figure it out and end up missing the subway while fooling around at the ticket station. We wait and take in the scenery with the nice benches and peaceful atmosphere. Probably more peaceful as this is a Sunday afternoon. We finally get on the next subway and make our short trip to Downtown. Only this trip wouldn’t be so short as the train up ahead has issues and we are constantly stopping for 10 minutes at a time. This took a little over an hour to take the normal 36 minute ride. We get to Union Station.

I haven’t taken the Gold Line too many times in the past but while living in Downtown we took the metro pretty frequently. Union Station still seems confusing as the above picture might make this more clear. Notice that the Metro Red Line points both left and right. Once we went one direction it seemed like there were no more signs to the Red Line anymore. But we went the other direction and there were plenty of signs point to the Red Line. Odd, but I guess eventually either way you go you will find the Red Line. We didn’t.

After getting off at Pershing Square we saw the park made famous by 500 Days of Summer with the bench with a view of the City. The only problem is that this park is now closed and fenced off. We made our way over to Spring Street where most of the trendy shops and things to do in Downtown are located. As we made our way to our next destination this was the first time that I have been by the new Spring Street Park. I was pretty excited as this was under construction the entire time we lived in Downtown. And now we got a chance to walk through the park.

There isn’t anything exactly special about the park, except that there is a nice little park smack dab right in the middle of Downtown. There were a lot of people using various parts of the park too. Kids were playing on the playsets. Lots of people were walking their dogs. Some people were just relaxing on the benches reading a book.

Always on the lookout for drainage devices, I decided to take some pictures of the area drains through the site. Nothing special though I do remember there was some excavation onsite, which leads me to think that underneath the park there are either some big infiltration tanks or some type of water re-use tanks. So the park may have its own grey water system to water the plants.

After walking through the park we went on our way to grab a bite to eat. Nothing special, but it was pretty fun taking the metro to get to Downtown, walk around for a few hours, and head back home. $3 both ways seems really cheap compared to gas and parking costs as well. If you live near a metro station I would encourage you to try taking the subway to Downtown and spending a day down there taking in the sites. Its always a very pleasant experience down there.

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