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July 22, 2013 / Brandon

Another Civil Engineer Day, A Lot of Civil Engineer Work

Another Civil Engineer Day, A Lot of Civil Engineer Work

I woke up this morning to no emails. That felt great for a while. I decided to burn a lot of midnight oil over the last few days including the weekend to make sure we are still on target for all of our projects. Some might think we have bad time management, but I like to look at it as I would rather be working on grading plans or other associated Civil Engineering work that we do, than anything else.

Some of our clients are pushing us lately to finish, finish, finish. Even though we always hit our deadlines, they still want to push. After running B+W Engineering for the last five years I still can’t get used to this. I tell our clients this plan can be done by this date, and still we are getting pushed, which no other Civil Engineers can match I might add. With this I wanted to verify some numbers and re-check other numbers with a parts manufacturer for a couple of projects, and then let the emails start coming in.

We have another project where the LID requirements would normally be easy, but in this particular case the owner has some things he doesn’t want us to spec out. I can completely understand his point of view. Why make this amazing house with even more amazing backyard and block the views with the best way to satisfy the LID requirements. I have been emailing back and forth with the Landscape Architect to solve this problem. The biggest problem is that all of the alternatives don’t work on the site. Either because infiltration requirements make the part too far away from the building foundation to work. Or the dreaded, we are going to make this property ugly. Working on some other plans while I figure out what to do, I finally came up with a solution. Thinking about the solution even more I tried to think harder on how could we do this even better. I don’t want to say straight out we bend the rules when it comes to grading plans, but lets just say I came up with an even better way to massage the LID requirements in the owner’s favor.

This client has been really great to work with as he knows we are on top of this project. But I think he is getting antsy and I had to put my brain into overdrive today. I learned early on in this business that going on overdrive too long will burn you out. I was burnt out from my 2nd job and never want to feel like that ever again. But when I feel like we are taking too long on a project without a deadline, the body must go into that other realm. Probably sounds funny, but on something like this I will sit at the computer for most of the day until I can solve the problem. And problem is solved, I am very happy to say. So what am I doing here on the B+W Engineering blog? This is the easy way to wind my mind down. And thankfully tomorrow is going to be a great day, mind fully recharged, and feeling accomplished that we saved a client at least $10,000.

From up above I mentioned that I was working on some other plans at the same time. Those plans I almost now feel like this is my baby, well if grading plans were babies. This client client pushing pushing pushing hasn’t changed anything. I will say it over and over again, I do not want any of our projects to sit. I don’t want phone calls from clients asking what’s going on. Not only do I not want the hassle of trying to calm anyone down, but I think its very bad business to take a job on and put that job on the back burner to collect dust. I personally want everything built as fast as possible, and I don’t want B+W Engineering to slow the process down. Without changing our speed of work the client still got their plans on time, even with some slowdowns as our design caused the Architect to modify their design, which we then had to re-modify. When I say slowdown, this was over the course of 3 days. Slow in my opinion, but there was no way to help that as our design was a major change to make the site work right. The Architect then had changes that couldn’t happen instantly. And yet once again here we are, happy client who expects nothing but the best, and B+W Engineering delivering results to back up what we say. If you are reading this, next project don’t worry, we aren’t that other Civil Engineer in the South Bay.

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but let me say it again, B+W Engineering and Design wants to continue to be in business. We also want our clients to be happy. And at the end of the day whatever we are working to design, that’s what I would design for my Mom. I partnered with the W in B+W, Wilson, because he has the same mindset. And one day he will post about our Structural Engineering work as that is his specialty. So if you need some Civil Engineering or Structural work done give us a call, 323-739-3913, I have been known to give advice on how to approach the problem without needing to hire an engineer.

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