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July 18, 2013 / Brandon

Older Posts Gone or Maybe Not

Older Posts Gone or Maybe Not

I try to keep a habit of updating any Civil Engineering projects that we work on.

A big thing to me is that our clients know that we are still alive and kicking. As well as our future clients. I was looking for a past post as an example as to why buildable land is actually scarce in Los Angeles, and noticed the post disappeared. That’s not good. I searched through our website and didn’t see it either. That’s much worse. So I finally figured out after we redesigned the site a lot of our prior posts magically disappeared. I am about to fix that. I have many more updates, but we need to spend our time working on projects, not posting words.

But since I am already on this topic and need a break, or many, we are trying to meet everyone’s needs. My main goal is to make sure every single person we work with knows a realistic deadline and that we can hit that. Some clients keep pushing us and I guess that’s what separates us from other Civil Engineering firms around Los Angeles. I know this is extremely important as loans, the market, and everything else that goes along with making money in the real estate market is key into making any property viable. We try to save our clients money by thinking in advance of what hurdles they may see as the plan checks of much stricter codes come down on us. We also try to save money by having less plan checks and having our plan submittal speak for itself. 1 plan check is very normal before approval.

No one will guarantee what we offer, but we work for a site like we are the owner of the property. I can say that easily because myself and my partner Wilson, think the exact same way. We don’t want to sit on projects. We don’t want to be hounded by unhappy clients. We don’t want to be that other Civil Engineering company that we keep hearing about. And yes I know this goal is hard to make happen as everyone wants everything turned around instantly. I try to be very open with where we stand on each and every single one of our projects. I am pretty easy to reach, just ask all of the junk spam callers that can reach me at most times of the day. That’s not fair to those spammer guys/gals, just ask any of our actual clients if we bring to the table what I will keep saying. Well don’t ask because they are probably too busy on the next project or running their business to get back to you.

Our posts are still here just like we are. B+W Engineering and Design is here to try to help anyone that we can on their project. Contact us and sometimes I can come up with a way to not need a Civil Engineer in Los Angeles. We are probably one of the few companies willing to turn work away over the last 5 years.

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