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July 2, 2013 / Brandon

Steep Grading in Redondo Beach

Steep Grading in Redondo Beach

B+W Engineering is jumping from grading job to drainage job to get things done quickly while we wait for more information to continue to finish up our backlog. We are still hitting everyone’s deadlines, including some major rushes.

So onto another project located in Redondo Beach. The property is commercial with a partially covered parking lot underneath the building. The trick to this property is that the lot is below the street grade. So once again we will need a pump. We have to deal with LID, formerly known as SUSMP, requirements because of the location of the project. West of Pacific Coast Highway is the general criteria for the LID. The LID requires us to use so form of infiltration or detention onsite to reduce a certain amount of rain water coming off of the site during a storm. The odd thing about Redondo Beach is that the LID must be designed and the report written up during the planning approval. So we have to take a rough guess at how the Civil Engineered design will work to write the report based on a preliminary siteplan. Where this causes problems and still doesn’t make sense is that sometimes the siteplan will change along with our design. Which then changes a now approved LID. A bit backwards but I can sort of understand the thinking behind the order of the process. What happens in Los Angeles is that a lot of larger construction projects are approved only to not be able to fit the LID requirements into the property.

With that the design incoporates planter boxes to bring the roof water of the building out to the street. In the parking lot area we have atlantis rain tanks to infiltrate the ground under the parking lot. This tank system when overflowed will go into a pump. That pump will go to a catch basin sitting on the front of the property and gravity flow to the street. The planter boxes and pump both go to this catch basin on the front of the lot.

So once the general drainage has been hashed out, the next step is getting the driveway to work. On this particular lot the driveway needs to be steep as fast as possible to get to the parking lot elevation that the Architect is trying to hit. Where the issue on this site happens is that hitting the elevation in one of the corners we will need a retaining wall. Now in order to make this wall as short as possible the driveway needs to get to a lower elevation as fast as possible. All the while this elevation is tied into still making the driveway to the parking lot driveable. This took me a few tries to make something that works and has the least amount of grade breaks. There is also an issue of getting the parking lot to be as flat as possible. Everything works now. And once again like magic we have a working driveway and parking lot. And a very nicely tied in building with steps leading up the sideyard. Now B+W Engineering and Design continues onto the next Civil Engineer project until we have some more information to see how the Architect wants to handle the LID requirements.

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