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April 9, 2012 / Brandon

Slow Down and Smell the Roses Engineer

It’s time to slow down, Civil Engineer.

As a civil engineer, multitasking has typically been identified to reduce productivity, and in some cases, by around 50 percent. Rushing through fourteen hr marathon days and nights can burn a person out, which will reduces your psychological sharpness and also clearness. This specifically boosts the chance you will make mistakes, and decreases your own ability to ponder creatively and rationally. Additionally your own workforce will be affected. The workforce might also try to copy your personal patterns, and even more serious they may greatly reduce their effort simply because they consider that it can be unattainable to maintain.

I know that I really do not have to tell you precisely how that works out. We all know just how awful that a too rushed work life can have on your sanity, well being, personal life, and existence. You also probably know that during your slower days, you’re able to concentrate better and get more accomplished. It’s not science. The best way to fuel improved productivity, innovative thinking, and smooth business operations is not to go, go, go, but to SLOW DOWN.  

For the civil engineer, here are some tactics worth trying:

First, clean up your personal desk and clear your brain. It can be difficult to prepare what you are looking to accomplish when your mind is rife with to-dos, papers are piled on your desk, and your inbox is bursting with unread mail. Organize it. Get rid of clutter. Then think about and decide what you want to do.

Second, from the onset you want the easy victories. Taking small steps to reach the goals, of a civil engineer, will enable you to generate positive, ongoing momentum in the right direction. If you want to close more sales, for instance, try scheduling specific time blocks to pick up the phone and call the people you’ve been meaning to call, write the people you’ve been meaning to write, and schedule the meetings you’re not getting to because you’re too busy reacting to fires.

Third, productivity is not activity. Raise your hand if you think you’re an adrenalin junkie. Many business owners are. They often get immediate satisfaction by going fast and doing a lot at once. But just because you’re busy, it doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing your goals. Realize that you might not be as effective or efficient as you could be if you just slowed down, and took a break to regroup and do the task better.

Last, make sure to encourage your employees to slow down too. This will help you create a more productive, cohesive organization. Explain to your employees why it’s important to slow down at work and share your methods for doing so. Invite suggestions from your team on how to improve productivity, decompress, and re-energize. Hold a fun event for employees or treat everyone to free ice cream at lunch to foster break time.

You probably have heard the old saying, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m sure making good time.” Resist this specific idea. As a substitute, attempt to know where you are heading and make great time. I will leave you with just one necessary reason why, by means of a question. Will you be far more interested in and willing to follow folks who seem to be unstable and also frantic, or individuals who seem to be relaxed in addition to concentrated, and fully understand where they’re heading? What kind of leader do you need to become?

Simply put i persuade that you attempt these types of recommendations intended for slowing down, and then determine the way they have an impact on your current productiveness and chance to reach goals.


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